How Testogen Gives Your Body What it Needs develop More Testosterone

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Testogen helps your body produce more testosterone by increasing the production of luteinizing hormone. Luteinizing hormone, which is made from your pituitary gland, stimulates the leydig cells in your testes to produce and release testosterone.

Testogen’s main ingredient, D-aspartic acid, has been shown in clinical studies raise luteinizing hormone levels by up to 33% and testosterone levels by a huge 42% in less than 14 days. And, Testogen has more D-aspartic acid per serving than any other testosterone booster on marketplace.

Testogen also contains natural antioxidants like zinc and vitamins D and K which help protect your leydig cells from oxidative damage. Leydig cells are highly vulnerable to oxidative stress. Once damaged, produces no longer produce testosterone as efficiently, causing efficiency in testosterone levels.

By keeping your leydig cells healthy and boosting luteinizing hormone levels, Testogen helps ensure your body continues producing testosterone at optimal levels.

Increases free testosterone heightened levels. Did you know that 98% of your testosterone is unusable by your system? That’s because most testosterone binds to proteins and molecules in your blood. Once testosterone is bound, your body cannot use it. Which means when it comes to boosting your T levels, free, unbound testosterone may be the type you want really.

As much as 65% of your testosterone binds with a protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). The more SHBG in your blood, the less free testosterone probably have. SHBG levels also tend to increase if you age, speeding up decrease of your testosterone. Testogen contains ingredients that been recently clinically proven to decrease SHBG levels and reduce the amount of testosterone that binds with SHBG. The less testosterone that’s guaranteed SHBG, the more free testosterone is available for your body to use. Additionally, the particular majority of Testogen’s ingredients have been proven to specifically increase numbers of free testosterone.

By increasing the quantity of free, unbound testosterone inside your body, Testogen helps you more physically and mentally energetic, improves your opportunity to build muscle and burn body fat, and boosts your overall mood, confidence and happiness. As you age, more of your testosterone gets converted into estrogen. Which is why why your testosterone naturally decreases as you get older, while your estrogen increases.

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