What is Mushroom Defense and How it Will Boost Your Immune System

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Mushroom Defense is an unique 80% Fruit Body, 20% Mycelium padded. As discussed, the Fruit Body is the mushroom that sprouts above ground and Mycelium are the roots. Both Fruit Bodies and Mycelium host powerful health profits. For instance, studies show Mycelium can be just as beneficial as fruit bodies and maybe even more. For your Mushroom Defense formula, our 20% Mycelium comes from Cordyceps Sinensis. This way you can experience complete benefits of both Fruiting Bodies and Mycelium.

Let Mushroom Defense Enhance your Energy Levels. If you’re struggling with fatigue, Mushroom Defense is here to help support! Multiple mushrooms in our formula have been used for centuries to increase energy levels and boost physical productivity. From ametuer athletes to olympians, many sport stars supplement with mushrooms to all of them stay well informed about their action. But even if you’re simply in search of more energy to cope with your day, you end up being pleasantly surprised with the clean energy feeling encounter with Mushroom Defense.

Mushroom Defense Contains both Fruiting Bodies & Mycelium. What’s main difference between Fruit Bodies & Mycelium? Fruit Bodies are what look at above ground, the mushrooms itself. Mycelium are theinvisible underground cellular networks (the roots). But the Mycelium is more complex than merely a simple root computer system. You see, Mycelium contain special bioactive compounds boasting with multiple health elements. That’s why our formula contains both Fruit Bodies and Mycelium. So can easily experience complete benefit among the mushroom.

Having trouble recalling important details can be frustrating because frightening. But aging is not the only explanation for mental fall. Sometimes medications have side-effects that affect memory, focus and attention. Whatever the cause, these cognitive issues can drastically affect high quality of your life. If you happen to be student with problems concentrating an easy homework assignment can morph into a complex nightmare. Should you be at work and struggling to target it is essential to to recall information depletes and could start in your work. By supplementing daily with Mushroom Defense, concentrate on your breathing start stumbling out of bed feeling refreshed with all-day-long energy. And in case you’re dealing with daily brain fog everyday yields a psychological challenge.

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