Illuminatural6i – The Advanced Skin Lightening

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Illuminatural6i is advance skin whitening solution that uses your skin without drugs. With Illuminatural6i, there’s no harsh bleaching, no surgical scraping,no chemical peeling and no burning!Instead, you’ll lighten and brighten skin tone NATURALLY, using an exceptionally effective yet GENTLE combination.

Study shows that this product is best for:

– Freckles
– Dark inner elbows & knees
– Sun spots
– Scarred tissues
– Melasma
– Hyperpigmentation
– Senile lentigines
– Birthmarks
– Brown spots
– Liver spots
– Chloasma
– Post inflammatory

Clinical studies of ingredients show impressive skin lightening and whitening results in as little as 4 many weeks.However, for best results, we advice that you to be able to continue using Illuminatural 6i for THREE CYCLES of one’s skin’s natural regeneration cycle28 Days Per Cycle X THREE CYCLES = 84 Days! Because with each 28-day cycle, Really your dark, pigmented cells are pushed to leading and sloughed away. In addition to your lighter skin cells commence to become MORE visible!Again you can expect to see lightening results during the main 28-Day Routine!But experience tells us that the best lightening and whitening results occur with at least 84 days use THREE CYCLES of one’s skin’s natural regeneration process.And if you’re experiencing increased or erratic melanin production due to fluctuating hormones or aging, you might need to carry on using Illuminatural 6i every day, to help normalize your skin’s natural production of this melanin coloring.

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